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Studio Bomba Shop

We like design. We like designers. And we like the things designery folks make and do.

We also like shopping for the good stuff. So clearly there was only one thing for us to do. Make a shop. Our own shop. It opens its yellow door on Thursday the 10th of November 2011.

We’re very new to retail, so please be gentle with us as we get it all up and going (remind me, what’s the magic button that makes the cash drawer open? hmmm, what does that cost again? how does this barcode printy thingy work?).

What we do know for sure though, is that designery goodness is arriving daily just for you. Months of research resulted in an ace mix of artwares, stationery and designer knick-knacks from far and near, some as near as the studio and letterpress workshop that share the same digs. We like products made by independent designers, artists and craftspersons. We especially like it when the same person or group that designs the products also make the products and there is happiness and heart involved from start to finish.

You will finally be able to peruse our own Mitchell & Dent paperwares without the need to make an appointment. You’ll find more stationery stocked too, including the work of the very clever Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Co. in the US, limited edition letterpress notebooks by Serrote in Portugal and very cheeky cards by The Regional Assembly of Text in Canada.

The Studio Bomba shop is an exclusive Australian stockist of Nikki McWilliams biscuit-y cushions from Scotland, ceramics by JeezVanilla! from Spain and porcelain jewellery by Me Me Me from the UK. Lots of clever recycled products too, such as Hoooked Zpagetti yarns made from the remnants of new garments and Helveticus’ bags made from vintage Swiss Army blankets and super soft leathers.

Photography by our super-clever studio-mate Nic Montagu.

Studio Bomba
Studio and Shop of Designery Goodness
379 Oxford Street, Mt Hawthorn

Opening hours
Monday and Tuesday: by appointment only
Wednesday to Sunday: 10am to 5:30ish

Studio Bomba Shop
Studio Bomba Shop
Studio Bomba Shop
Studio Bomba Shop
Studio Bomba Shop
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First Comes Love Call-Out

Studio Bomba | First Comes Love Callout
Heh! Pledge and party people! Why not come be a part of our fifth annual fair?

The Skillsmithery

Studio Bomba | The Skillsmithery
A greatest hits of workshops in the upcoming Skillsmithery season. All killer. No filler.

Pop Up Flower Shop

Studio Bomba | Pop-Up Flower Cart | Fox and Rabbit
We've got you covered for Mothers Day – coffee, tasty treats, fashion and flowers.

324 Oxford Street

Studio Bomba | On A Whim and Virgil Coffee
Hello On A Whim. Hello Virgil. We welcome you.

Desk Available

Studio Bomba Studio
With designers disappearing to work on big baby-shaped projects, a desk is now available in our shared studio.

Embracing Change

Studio Bomba
Here at 324 Oxford Street, we take away with one hand but give with the other. Goodbye design shop and Dapper Jack. Hello newness.

Design Store Closing Down Sale

Studio Bomba Shop | Closing Down Sale
Closing Down Sale (yes, we used the C-word!). AKA The Blame it on the Baby Sale. Either or.

High Summer Collection 2014-2015

Studio Bomba | On A Whim | High Summer Collection 2014-2015
On A Whim invites you to come drink Pimms and peek at pretty things.

Studio Bomba Shop

Studio Bomba Webstore
We've just made you a new shop. An online shop. It is for shopping in. And it is online.

Under the Clothesline

Studio Bomba | Under the Clothesline | Wagons
We lucky Leedervillians were shown a little love under the clothesline. By this man. And his band of troubadours. Thanks Wagons.

Under the Clothesline

Studio Bomba | Under the Clothesline | Wagons
Wagons, yes *the* Wagons, will be playing in our backyard. Honest.

First Comes Love 2014

Studio Bomba | First Comes Love
A sweet and sassy fair for folks planning pledges and parties.

On A Whim

Studio Bomba | On A Whim
If you've spotted girls with power tools at Studio Bomba recently, then you've met our new studiomates... On A Whim.

The Skillsmithery

Studio Bomba | The Skillsmithery
The Skillsmithery. A college of knowledge, an academy of rad-emy, a wonderland of workshops.

Dapper Jack

Studio Bomba | Dapper Jack Coffee
A dapper gent has set up stumps in the left side of our shared space. We think you're going to like him and his coffee.

Valentines Day 2014

Studio Bomba Shop | Complimentaty calligraphy day
Complimentary calligraphy for that day that's coming up.

Hell Yeah

Johnny Two Tone Club: Hell Yeah Project
What's better than after work drinks? After work drinks with gocco machines.

Studio Bomba Summer School

Summer School at Studio Bomba
Schoolies Week starts next week. Instead of teen sex and binge drinking, Studio Bomba chooses crafts, cake and cups-o-joe. Nifty nerd times ahead!

First Comes Love 2013

Studio Bomba: First Comes Love 2013
Fools for love.

Threesome Perth

Studio Bomba: Threesome Perth
Tiny little pixels drawn by hand. Whose idea was that?

Frankie Magazine

Studio Bomba: Frankie Magazine
We love our shop. We really do.

Flower Crown Workshop

Studio Bomba Skills: Flower Crowns with Fox and Rabbit
Wednesday night is Fox and Rabbit flower crown workshop night. It's a thing.

Leatherwork Workshop 2.0

Studio Bomba 'Hide & Stitch' Leather Workshop 2-1
Could you take another hiding? We know we could.

Position Available

Position available at Studio Bomba
Come work with us. We're very nice here.

Our new calendar

Studio Bomba calendar
Michelle made us this super new online calendar - we think it is an 'event-full' addition worth mentioning. Boom tish.

Leatherwork Workshop

Studio Bomba 'Hide & Stitch' Leather Workshop
Let's kickstart the skills-fest in our new nest with this fancy-pants pocket-wallet workshop.

Desk Available

Studio Bomba Studio
This is our studio at work. Would you like to work in it too?

Studio Bomba (Neue)

Studio Bomba
The brand new Studio Bomba. Now with added coffee.

Position Available

Position available: experienced barista
Anyone know an ace barista looking for a new machine to play with?

Fringe World 2013

Studio Bomba: Fringe World 2013
Swans have eyelashes, don't they? Bomba spends time on the fringe again.

An Important Announcement

Studio Bomba is moving.
Now that you've all discovered our little shop, we're going to up and move it. Don't fret, we will wait 'til the silly season is over.

The Pour House Bar + Kitchen

Studio Bomba: The Pour House
You want us to come to sunny seaside Dunsborough to talk design over beer and a bang-up feed? If we must.

Los Logos 6

Studio Bomba in Los Logos 6
See this book? We're in it!

West Australian Ballet

Studio Bomba: West Australian Ballet merchandise
Happy birthday, twinkle toes.

Desktop Magazine

Michelle Leslie in Desktop Magazine
Pantone 198U, Paperways and the Postal Service. What do these three things have in common?

The Trustee Bar & Bistro

Studio Bomba: The Trustee stationery suite
A mouth-watering good project.

Bomba Workshops

Mad Skills at Studio Bomba
Let's learn some new skills, shall we? It will be super.

Marie Claire Magazine

Studio Bomba: Leah in Marie Claire
Did you know that our very own Leah is Pinterest's seventh-most followed pinner in the world? No? Neither did she.

First Comes Love 2012

First Comes Love 2012
Just like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, we thought we'd give weddings another go.

West Australian Ballet

Angela Mitchell for the West Australian Ballet
Happy 60th birthday, West Australian Ballet. You're looking mighty spritely for your age.

Rooftop Movies

Rooftop Movies
They had us at ‘flamingos’.

Fringe World 2012

Fringe World Festival 2012
Perth's first full fringe festival was best represented by bunting, blackboards, black swans and big ol' mining trucks.

Inside Out Magazine

Inside Out Magazine
We're inside Inside Out, far out!

West Weekend Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang
Heh, we know that guy.

How Poster Design Awards

HOW's Poster Design Awards 2012
Johnny is one of a kind, yes, but he is also one in ten.

Studio Bomba Shop

Studio Bomba Shop
Next Thursday, the brand new Studio Bomba shop opens its yellow door to a world of designery goodness. Do come visit, won't you?

Two Brothers

Two Brothers
Good things come in twos and wine is definitely a good thing.

Go Go Gocco Go

Go Go Gocco Go
For the love of gocco, that itty bitty little printy machine.

Blind Corner

Blind Corner
Wine. Natural wine. Made by hand. And foot, as it turns out.

We Love Perth

We Love Perth
We love We Love Perth and We Love Perth loves us – lovely.


They shoot small children, blow up boys and girls, frame whole families… and then there's that dark room.

International Walkman Day

Johnny Two Tone Club
Johnny proposes another public holiday.

Michelle Leslie

Michelle Leslie
If you love someone, set them free.

First Comes Love 2011

First Comes Love
A little something for people planning pledges with parties in Perth (who aren't the stretch Hummer kind).

Test Tube

Test Tube
Be sure to click on the blowfly.

Jen and Oli

Jen and Oli
Mitchell & Dent's favourite clients (mind you, we have a new favourite client every week, aren't we fickle?).

A Tale for Our Generation

A harrowing tale about heading for the South Pole.

Mitchell & Dent

Cheeky Letterpress Cards
Goodness gracious me, you won't believe where you'll find us… well you will, if you have any idea how much coffee we drink.

Diana World Tour 2011

Diana World Tour
Bomba makes a bunnycam.

Fringe World 2011

Fringe World 2011
The wonderful world of fringe comes to Perth, in a tent no less.

Iku Sushi

Iku Sushi makes cheeseburger sushi and yes, you heard us right.

Soda Gift Exhibition 2010

Guests at Gift.

AGDA Awards 2010

Lad & Lass
And the award goes to…

Silvana Coffee

Perfection in a cup needs perfection in packaging and Bomba did its darndest.

International Day of Sputnik

Johnny Two Tone Club
Johnny proposes a public holiday to honour Sputnik, the crazy little satellite that sparked a space race.

From Coast to Country

Another big bright blooming beautiful book by Naturescape.

The Style Edition

The Style Edition
A little fuss and attention, not to mention primping and preening, from the kindly newspaper folks.

Ball and Skittle

The emporium for children that sells thoughtful wares of whimsy.

Rewind Coffee

Rewind Coffee
A modern take on midcentury canisters, all for the love of coffee.

Frankie media kit

Frankie Media Kit
A smart read about art, fashion, music, craft and creativity – oh, and psychographics.

Lad & Lass

Lad & Lass
Fanciful fare for little folk.

Mitchell & Dent Collection 1

Pretty paperwares to prompt glee and giddy appreciation.

Mitchell & Dent

Mitchell and Dent
Finery, frippery and felicitous fare.

Semi-Permanent 2009

Here we are, talking in front of a really really big screen.

Blatant Self Promotion

Blatant Self Promotion
Yes, this is a really big poster. And yes, Leah is quite short.

Parker & Co.

Parker & Co.
Studio Bomba. Since 2006. Parker & Co. Since 1895. Doesn't quite compare really.

A Natural State

A Natural State
Naturescape not only makes blooming beautiful gardens, they make blooming beautiful books.